Now more than ever, we are looking to make our home our sanctuary. A place where we feel most comfortable, cosy and at peace. One thing we think makes a real difference to NZ homes, is a fireplace. Not only do they provide warmth in the winter (and potentially all year long), but they have the ability to create lasting memories. Whether it’s the memories of learning to build a fire as a child, or the winter nights roasting marshmallows with loved ones, or just simply the ambience it creates in the home, there’s nothing quite like having a fireplace in your home.

We recently had a chat with Warm Floors owner Kurt, who gave us a rundown on how to pick the best fireplace fit for you and your home. Warm Floors are gas and heating specialists based in the Waikato, who aim to be a one-stop-shop for all your heating needs. Their in-house team of experts will guide you on the best options specific to you and fully manage all aspects including supply and installation. They stock NZ’s most trusted fireplace brands and much like us at Nixon Homes, they are there every step of the way.     

Tell us a bit about what you do at Warm Floors?

We are a retail store and installation company that specialise in home heating, we offer a great range of different gas and wood burner fires, hydraulic underfloor heating systems, radiators, wetbacks cylinder systems and heat pump cylinders.

What do you love most about a fireplace?

I love that they are so much more than something used just for heating, they have become much more of a statement piece and even functional art. They instantly enhance the look of an area.

What are the various options when it comes to a fireplace and what are the benefits of each?

There are plenty of options when it comes to fires.

A Freestanding wood fire gives you the best heat output due to the fact you do not lose any heat up a chimney.

An Insert closed wood fire gives you more room, the ability to choose larger and more architectural fires and still generate a high heat output

An Insert open wood fire gives you the more traditional look and with the outdoor models the ability to cook on

A Gas fire gives you the ease of just pushing a button, choosing the temperature and walking away. With a lot of the newer models you can even operate them on your phone.

How can you help our clients pick the right fireplace for their home?

Its all about knowing what they want and what they are going for in a fire, then putting all the options forward from our huge range.

Do you stock outdoor fireplaces? What’s the difference between an outdoor and indoor fireplace and are there any specific requirements when installing one in an outdoor living space?

We do loads of outdoor fireplaces, there’s no restrictions on outdoor wood fire as long as you can cook on them so you can install huge fires right in town. 

What is the average cost of a fireplace including installation? 

This differs hugely brand to brand but most fires I would do on average would be around the $6k-$8k.

Why use Warm Floors?

I think we have a great service and great products to offer and everything is done by us; quote to supply to install to commissioning, a one stop shop.

You can browse Warm Floors great range of NZ fireplaces on their website here, and if it’s something you’re interested in incorporating into your new build, we can work together with Kurt at Warm floors to ensure we pick the right one for you and your new home! Get in touch for more info.