We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Harrisons Energy Solutions to give away a complete Solar package worth over $10k! All you need to do is sign up to build with us before the 31st of July, and you’ll go in the draw to win a complete Harrisons Energy Solar package for your home.

The package is top of the line, and has the ability to provide your home with 60% of it’s power needs!

Check out the video below for more details on this epic giveaway!


Get in touch with us today and lets chat about your next home ideas, hopefully with your new solar package system!

Good Luck!

Terms and Conditions: 

To be eligible for this competition, you must have signed a Master Builders build contract with Nixon Homes before the 31st of July. One entry per build.

Competition runs from the 1st of March until the 31st of July 2021.

The complimentary solar panel package is a 3kw system provided by Harrisons Energy. Upgrades may be available. Giveaway includes installation and in home consultation Package does not include a battery pack. Giveaway is not redeemable for cash.

Full Package Inclusions:

SOLAR LONGI LR4-60 cell 370W x 08 = 2.96kw

Latest technology, high output 370W Tier One Panel. 25 year output warranty and 12 year product warranty – 20% higher than most Tier One Panels. LONGI have been a premium cell manufacturer for over 20 years.

SOLAR Fronius Primo 3.0kW Inverter

The inverter is the ‘brains” of the system so for the ultimate in long term reliability and performance, invest in quality European componentry. Fronius is the industry’s preferred premium inverter, manufactured in Austria since 1946 with a history of excellence and innovation. NZ backed 10 year service and product warranty, state of the art monitoring. Integrates seamlessly with TESLA Powerwall Battery.


Travel per km, Hopergy HOP-RC Select Rail Cap Silver, HOP-OEL Earthing Lug, Hopergy 1.0kw Tin Kit(s) BLACK 38-40mm, Select Series Rail(s) 4400mm BLACK, Pre Wire, Solar Installation 08 Panels, Solar Label Kit – String Inverter, Inspection Fee, Split Array, Materials for Solar Installation, Hopergy SS Cable Ties 4.6mm x 350mm, MC4 Male/Female Pair(s), Extended DC Cable & Conduit, Load Shifting on Switchboard

Other included items:

Network Lines Application

Install Notes:

Package is for a single level, standard tin roof, less than 35 degree pitch with all of the panels installed on one roof in one array. Additional installation costs if any of the above is different. The prize package includes pre wire, inspections, materials and travel. Meter swap fees charged by Electricity Companies are excluded unless specified. Exclusive Solar buy back of 16c + GST offer available with this deal *conditions apply. Extra unspecified work on, or inspections of, the existing electrical system are excluded from the prize package The customer must provide adequate wifi connectivity or LAN cable to the Inverter for monitoring.