We believe in the importance of good design at Nixon Homes and the impact this has on our quality of life. So it’s only natural we chose to work with an experienced local Architect who shares the same values and vision as us. Architecto are a Hamilton based design studio who’s work focuses on how architectural design can engage with and have a significant impact on our fundamental needs and aspirations. Paul at Architecto works with us on our plans and house designs at Nixon Homes, and seeing as he’ll be working with all of our clients in person, we thought we’d help you get to know him and how he works a bit better!

What do you like most about designing homes for your clients?

Every home has unique requirements and presents opportunities to explore new ideas and learn about new materials and new ways of thinking…

How did you come to working with Cameron at Nixon Homes? What do you like about working with Nixon Homes?

It was a connection through the same website designer.


  • We have the same high standards
  • They understand that the Clients satisfaction is the priority
  • They understand the importance of the design process
  • They are open to exploring ideas and alternative suggestions

What kind of homes did you set out to design for the Nixon Homes client?

We are currently working on a variety of projects ranging from sections located in newly established subdivisions through to lifestyle/rural properties.

What’s the general process like when working with your clients? Can you walk us through your design process from initial consultation to the end result?

It is extremely important to ensure the client is involved in the design stages – this will dictate the success of a project. A house build is often the largest investment a person/family will undertake so we believe it is very important every client feels involved and more importantly they understand what is being created and that they don’t get surprised at the end. Technology can support this process. Some clients are not as visual as others so with the help of 3D software we can bridge this gap and help clients visualise what the house will look like.

The first meeting with a client is the most important. At this stage we want to understand every little detail and idea that the client wants to incorporate. Our challenge is then putting it all together and making it happen.

We share the design responsibilities with Nixon Homes in the sense that we place our focus on the overall layout and appearance of the house, while Cameron and the team at Nixon Homes focus on the final finishes and selections.

What do you think is the most important aspect of a home? Is there anything you always like to incorporate into your designs? 

For us the answer lies in the definition of a home. It is important to distinguish the difference between a house and a home, and for us a home is about creating a place that will mean something special to someone.

Every home is different and every client has different priorities. So we try not to enforce what might be important to us, rather we prefer to listen to the Client and understand what is important to them. From there we take these components and design a layout that we hope will relate back to the end user. If this is achieved, the design process was successful.

Along the way we always look to integrate basic design principles such as orientation and functionality.

What do you look forward to most about working with our clients?

It is always a privilege and exciting to be part of a team working on a new project and we enjoy the challenge of being able to design a home that ultimately suits the clients needs, but also addresses the practical requirements such as budget and regulations.

As a Nixon Homes client, we will work closely with you and our Architect to ensure we get your home just the way you like it! Head to our contact page to get in touch, or here if you’d like to know more about our client process.