At Nixon Homes, we work with all the best contractors and tradespeople who share our values in the industry, helping us provide quality homes for our clients. When you sign up to build with us, you will receive a personalised interior design service from our amazing interior designer, Kerryn from Kae Interior Designs. She will work with you in the initial stages of your house design, and help you choose everything from lighting to cabinetry to flooring along with all colours and various material selections. And believe us when we say, she will turn your new house into a home!

Kerryn did all the interiors for our Award Winning Show home and has worked with our clients to create beautiful, personalised homes. We recently caught up with Kerryn to chat about the great service she offers to our clients, and get an insight into some interiors trends we’re seeing at the moment!

Can you tell us a bit about what services you provide for Nixon Homes clients?

I provide the clients with a full service from bathroom fitting selections, tile & flooring selection, kitchen colours & layout, paint colours, feature walls, feature lighting, curtains & blinds, and I can even help with buying and sourcing new furniture and soft furnishings.

It sounds like you make the whole process incredibly smooth and easy for our clients! How long does this process normally take? Will you be on hand to answer any interior questions the clients might have throughout the whole build?

This all depends on how easily the client can make decision, but I guide them through the best options to make their home beautiful. This can take anywhere from 5-10 hours, or more if they need it. I’m here for the client for the whole build process and for as many or as little questions they have. 

How long have you been in the industry for and what do you like most about working with Nixon Homes clients?

I have been in the industry and have had my business for 3.5 years, and they have been amazing. The Nixon Homes clients are so easy to work with, friendly and are open to lots of ideas from me.

What are some of the common challenges your clients face when it comes to interiors, and how can you help?

​When we do the first day of shopping, they feel overwhelmed with the amount of options that are available. I like to find out what the client wants in terms of colour and style and then I can guide them to a couple of options.

What are some trends you’re seeing and enjoying in the industry at the moment?

​I’m a bit different from other designers, I don’t follow trends and don’t push them onto my clients, at the end of the day they have to live in the house and if they don’t like the trend they won’t love the house. I want my clients to love their home, so together we design a home that the clients love and won’t want to leave.

Any simple interior tips or tricks you can share with us?

Keep it simple with a couple of feature points.

Kae Interior Designs is an awesome little bonus when you sign up to build with us, our clients have found it to be a really easy, stress free process that adds to the overall design & build experience. Check out more of Kerryns work over on her website here, and get in touch with us today if you’re looking to build your next home with a wicked interior!